[torqueusers] torque :: configuration problems on localhost

Gus Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Tue Sep 6 14:41:39 MDT 2011

It may work with localhost for a single computer (not our case here).

Did you start the scheduler (service pbs_sched start, or service maui 
start if you use maui)?

Adrian Sevcenco wrote:
> On 09/06/11 23:13, Gus Correa wrote:
>> Hi Adrian
> Hi!
>> For what it is worth, here we have the server FQDN name
>> in ${TORQUE}/sever_name.  The acl and other Torque
>> configuration parameters point to that FQDN (not to localhost,
>> which is the loopback interface name in /etc/hosts, right?)
> yeah, you are right, but i just trying to make it work as localhost...
> and actually i sort of did it ...
> the problem now is that my jobs start waiting in queue (Q state) .. and
> i have to use qrun to start them ..
> Thanks!
> Adrian
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