[torqueusers] torque not listening to ppn request specs

DuChene, StevenX A stevenx.a.duchene at intel.com
Thu Oct 27 10:18:23 MDT 2011

Hmm, under global policies I see:


but under partition DEFAULT policies I see:


Now I have to go dig around in the maui docs to figure out what these settings mean.
Steven DuChene

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On Thu, 2011-10-27 at 08:48 -0700, DuChene, StevenX A wrote:
> Is it possible that there is some maui setting that could have an
> effect on packing processes on nodes (one per processor) rather than
> spreading them out across nodes (one per node)? Some "optimization"
> thing I need to turn off or on?

Yes -- take a look at how you have JOBNODEMATCHPOLICY set.

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