[torqueusers] Queue Node Type and ppn

Jan Kasiak j.kasiak at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 17:10:00 MDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

I'm using torque-3.0.0 and maui-3.3_pbs
I have searched far and wide for a solution to this problem..and I
can't find out how to set this up.
I have 3 node types: (13) * p5300, (16) * p5400 and (39) * towel (set
in my nodes file):

towel01 np=12 towel
p530001 np=8 p5300
p540001 np=8 p5400

I want to prevent users from mixing node types for their jobs.

I want to set up 3 queues, one for each node type, in such a way that
if you submit to queue p5300, it will error for the following:
qsub -I -q p5300 -lnodes=14:ppn=8 (more than 13 nodes)
qsub -I -q p5300 -lnodes=13:ppn=9 (ppn greater than available for p5300)
qsub -I -q p5300 -lnodes=2:ppn=9 (ppn greater than available for p5300)

Is this possible to set up?

-Jan Kasiak

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