[torqueusers] Issue when upgrading torque from 2.5.7 to 3.0.3

Fabien Archambault fabien.archambault at univ-provence.fr
Thu Nov 24 02:39:30 MST 2011

Dear torque list,

Yesterday I tried to update a torque installation from 2.5.7 to 3.0.3 in 
order, at minimum, to activate cpuset. I compiled torque on the master 
with the same options as before (with --enable-cpuset) and the same on a 
node (different architecture from the master). I also pushed all 
packages (torque-package-clients-linux-x86_64.sh  
torque-package-doc-linux-x86_64.sh  torque-package-mom-linux-x86_64.sh) 
to the nodes.

Then I backed-up my configuration and prayed for a successful update...
In order to update I made (CentOS 5):
- set all nodes offline
- stop pbs_server
- stop maui.d (just in case)
- stop pbs_mom on all nodes
- make install on the master
- package --install on all nodes
- start pbs_mom on all nodes
- start maui.d
- start pbs_server
- set all nodes online

First thing, all nodes were still offline. I had some messages in 
server_logs saying that it receives information from version 1 instead 
of version 2. I checked and pbs_server --version on master and pbs_mom 
--version on nodes were 3.0.3.
What does this message meant?

Also I had issues, perhaps related, that was saying impossible to 
communicate to port 0. It did not go through the right port.
Is there in version 3.x.x special directives to add for the 
communication port?

Seeing that it could not work well I re-installed back to the 2.5.7...
Do you think it is possible to update torque to 3.x.x without issues, 
did I miss something or is it better to update to 2.5.9?

Thank you for any reply,
Fabien Archambault

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