[torqueusers] Job Nanny Poll

Steve Jones stevejones at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 21 14:24:57 MST 2011

> Allow me to re-ask my question in a different way - what is the use
> case for which you all are using the job_nanny feature?
> Just to dispel any fears, I'm only asking this for my own curiosity.
> I'm working on something that has me looking at that code and I'm just
> curious if people use it and what they use it for. This code is not
> being deleted or removed.

We implemented in hopes of a better job cleanup and removal strategy in hopes of it continuing to send KILL signals. What we've found is when a node completely stops responding the job *hangs* in the queue in a cancel in progess state. job_force_cancel_time should help with this, I'm thinking we'll implement it with a time of 5 minutes or so to allow temporary nodes failures to resolve themselves. I'm planning on using both.

In a general sense I still have issues with processes left behind on compute nodes here and there. We're also using mom_job_sync, epilogue and epilogue.parallel scripts, all in an effort to kill unassigned (ghost) processes. I'd like to see more examples of how people are dealing with this.


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