[torqueusers] Jobs stays in queue unless forced using qrun

Koushik Biswas biswas.koushik at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 15:18:54 MST 2011

I have installed torqueue 2.5.5. server, pbs_sched and moms seem to be
running OK. However, after submitting a job the darn thing does not start
to run.
I am just testing with 2 nodes and my jobscript requests only 1 node. qrun
will work.
I have checked the usual things qstat -f, qmgr -c "p s" etc. Don't see
anything unusual.
The server_logs does say job submitted by user.
But the sched_logs does not say anything beyond the first 3 lines that say
log opened, accounting opened, and startup id.
I am puzzled mostly because I am ignorant about this!
There are quite a few posts on this where users say jobs stay in queue, but
didn't see anything that could help my case.
Clearely, my pbs_schedular is not "talking" with the server or vice versa.
(server_logs does not say anything about that though!)
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