[torqueusers] Parallel processing for MC code

RB. Ezhilalan (Principal Physicist, CUH) RB.Ezhilalan at hse.ie
Thu Nov 17 03:14:32 MST 2011


Hi All,


I've been trying to set up Torque queuing system on two SUSE10.1 linux
PCs (PIII!).



Installed the linux on both PCs, exported home directory containing
BEAMnrc montecarlo code from PC1 to PC2 via NFS and set up SSH password
less communication. All seems to be working fine.



Downloaded latest version of Torque (number not handy) installed


PBS 'nodes' file was created as per guidelines, PBS_SERVER and QUEUE
attributes were set as default.



Pbsnodes -a command displays- two nodes (PC1 & PC2 and they are free. I
am not sure whether this confirms PBS/Torque set up correctly.



I was able to run an executable BEAMnrc user code in batch mode i.e
using 'exb' command aliased to 'qsub' and sources a built in job script
file with option p=1 (single job).


To split the jobs in to two, so that it runs in parallel on the two PCs,
option p=2 should be issued. However, what I noticed was, the job ran
twice on the first PC (PC1) but not on both.


I can't figure out what went wrong, I suspect PBS setup could have some
issues, May be I can try running the job specifically on PC2 if so what
command I need to give? 


I would be grateful for any advice!


Kind Regards,



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