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DuChene, StevenX A stevenx.a.duchene at intel.com
Tue Nov 15 17:39:20 MST 2011

Is there going to be any Torque stuff going on tomorrow (Wednesday)?
Steven DuChene

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> Hi all,
> On 08/11/11 04:33, Ken Nielson wrote:
> > I am hoping to continue a tradition of meeting with
> > TORQUE developers and users for dinner while at
> > SuperComputing this year. Is there anyone interested?

Hi all,

I got in yesterday afternoon and had to go directly to the show floor. I got to meet some long time users for the first time as well as meet up again with others. It was great. This is why SuperComputing is such a great event.

I still do not have a place to go eat. Stay tuned. Please post your suggestions. We want something that is within walking distance of the convention center. 

We are still on for 7:00. Come to our booth for information if you can't get to your e-mail.


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