[torqueusers] Torque 2.5.9 and not finding pbs_iff

Donald Neal dmneal at wand.net.nz
Mon Nov 7 15:59:15 MST 2011


Yes, pbs_iff is definitely present. Please note that I originally wrote:

> Now, "which pbs_iff" dutifully reports that the file to be used is /usr/bin/pbs_iff, and yes, privileges on that file are 4755. More interesting, if the user's PATH is set so that /usr/bin is the first element, the problem goes away. The problem comes back if another element is placed in the PATH before /usr/bin, apparently regardless of what that element is.
> This suggests I've missed something interesting about the way setuid operates in Debian Linux stable. Is there a known change between Torque 2.5.7 and 2.5.9 which could do something relevant to this? 

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