[torqueusers] Torque 2.5.9 and not finding pbs_iff

Donald Neal dmneal at wand.net.nz
Sun Nov 6 17:59:50 MST 2011

I've built Torque 2.5.9 using

./configure --libdir=/usr/local/lib --localstatedir=/var 
--enable-dependency-tracking --with-gnu-ld 
--with-default-server=symphony.waikato.ac.nz --enable-blcr 
--with-blcr=/opt/blcr-0.8.4 --enable-cpuset --disable-gui --disable-rpp 
--enable-server-xml --with-servchkptdir=/scratch-head/checkpoint

On replacing the existing version 2.5.7 server install with this and 
restarting pbs_server, any attempt to communicate with the server 
process using, say, qsub or qstat, gives an error message like this one:

$ qstat -t
pbs_iff command not found.
qstat: cannot connect to server symphony (errno=15008) pbs_iff command 
not found, unable to authenticate

Now, "which pbs_iff" dutifully reports that the file to be used is 
/usr/bin/pbs_iff, and yes, privileges on that file are 4755. More 
interesting, if the user's PATH is set so that /usr/bin is the first 
element, the problem goes away. The problem comes back if another 
element is placed in the PATH before /usr/bin, apparently regardless of 
what that element is.

This suggests I've missed something interesting about the way setuid 
operates in Debian Linux stable. Is there a known change between Torque 
2.5.7 and 2.5.9 which could do something relevant to this?

- Donald Neal

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