[torqueusers] using non-privileged ports

"Carlos M. Cámara" carlos.camara at wimasis.com
Wed Nov 2 02:31:22 MDT 2011

  Hi Martin!!

I use Torque without privports and Munge and it works fine. The first 
reason that comes to my mind is that you compile the client with 
--disable-privports, but somehow not the server or that in your server 
is still working the privport version.

Another good reason for this to not work could be a firewall rule that 
is avoiding the communication.

All best.

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> From: Martin Siegert<siegert at sfu.ca>
> Subject: [torqueusers] using non-privileged ports
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> Hi,
> we just recompiled torque with
> --disable-privports
> (since we constantly ran out of ports). Now we have a different
> problem which is just as bad:
> # qstat -an1
> Connection timed out
> qstat: cannot connect to server b0 (errno=110) Connection timed out
> This does not appear right away after starting the server, but after
> a few hours of running. As far as I can tell the only way to get the
> server out of this state is to restart it.
> But there must be many sites that run torque with --disable-privports.
> Thus: what am I missing?
> Cheers,
> Martin
> -- Martin Siegert Head, Research Computing Simon Fraser University

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