[torqueusers] cluster underused - single cpu jobs hold up parallel

"Mgr. Šimon Tóth" toth at fi.muni.cz
Thu Mar 31 10:33:13 MDT 2011

> I know that I asked that question yesterday and I repeat it again:
> The cluster has ~2,600 cores, there are parallel jobs running to fill ~1,700
> and there are many sequential jobs queue that are now in "front" of other 
> parallel jobs. But only one or two of the sequential jobs are running.
> The parallel jobs are not schedulled. The scheduller is maui. Any idea what I am 
> missing here?

Please ask on Maui mailing list. Torque semantics are almost completely
overridden when connected to a scheduler like Maui.

Mgr. Simon Toth

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