[torqueusers] Empty output/error log file

FyD fyd at q4md-forcefieldtools.org
Wed Mar 23 09:30:46 MDT 2011

Dear All,

I already sent this email but got no answer yet.

I am new here: we use Torque (version 2.5.4) and Maui (version 3.3) on  
our cluster. Our nodes are typically Xeon-based SMP systems with 2*4 =  
8 cores.

In some circumstances, a queued script is executed (the queuing system  
does execute the PBS script, but nothing is done), an empty output log  
file and an empty error log file are generated and the job disappears  
from the queue.

It looks like this type of problem appends when the machine on which  
the PBS script is executed is busy (due to other running PBS jobs for  

- Is this problem known?
- How to avoid this type of problem?
Is it possible to request an additional 'delay' when a PBS job is executed?

Thanks, regards, Francois

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