[torqueusers] GPU Scheduling in MAUI?

Crusan, Steve scrusan at UR.Rochester.edu
Tue Mar 22 09:53:24 MDT 2011

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On 03/22/2011 07:34 AM, Mike Mosley wrote:
> Hello,
> In a post dated12/28/10, Ken (Nielson) indicated that  at that time, 
> MOAB 6.0 was the only scheduler available to schedule jobs using the 
> GPU support that was implemented in  Torque 2.5.4.  Is there
> currently, any way to use Maui for this?  We have several clusters 
> already running Torque/Maui and we are in the process of bring up a 
> GPU cluster (HP Servers with 3 nVidia Tesla M2050 GPUs per server).
> We are using Torque 2.5.5 and  Maui 3.2.6p20 on this new cluster. 
>   Torque will allow us to define gpus=3 in the nodes file (won't auto 
> detect) and pbsnodes is reporting the correct information, however, 
> Maui doesn't seem to recognize the gpu resource i.e. "qsub --l 
> nodes=1:ppn=2:gpus=1"  simply gets deferred due to lack of resources.
> If Maui does not currently support gpu scheduling, are there plans for 
> it to in a future release?   I apologize if this has already been 
> answered but I'm new to the list and I wasn't able to find the answer 
> while groveling through the archives.
> Mike
> Mike,
> I do not think this functionality has yet been added to Maui.
> Ken

   I did a lot of testing with Maui, and couldn't get GPGPU functionality to work. 
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