[torqueusers] GPU Scheduling in MAUI?

Mike Mosley jmmosley at uncc.edu
Tue Mar 22 07:34:43 MDT 2011


In a post dated12/28/10, Ken (Nielson) indicated that  at that time, MOAB
6.0 was the only scheduler available to schedule jobs using the GPU support
that was implemented in  Torque 2.5.4.  Is there
currently, any way to use Maui for this?  We have several clusters already
running Torque/Maui and we are in the process of bring up a GPU cluster (HP
Servers with 3 nVidia Tesla M2050 GPUs per server).

We are using Torque 2.5.5 and  Maui 3.2.6p20 on this new cluster.   Torque
will allow us to define gpus=3 in the nodes file (won¹t auto detect) and
pbsnodes is reporting the correct information, however, Maui doesn¹t seem to
recognize the gpu resource i.e. ³qsub ­l nodes=1:ppn=2:gpus=1²  simply gets
deferred due to lack of resources.

If Maui does not currently support gpu scheduling, are there plans for it to
in a future release?   I apologize if this has already been answered but I¹m
new to the list and I wasn¹t able to find the answer while groveling through
the archives.

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