[torqueusers] Torque cpusets messing up

R. David david at unistra.fr
Thu Mar 17 23:02:49 MDT 2011

Le 17 mars 2011 à 18:02, Shenglong Wang a écrit :

> What kind of MPI compilers have you used to compile the MPI code?  Have you enabled CPU map for mpiexec?
We use OpenMPI, several versions. We did not enable CPU map.
Anyway, using the -report-bindings option of mpirun, I get the following message :

[hpc-n121:28547] System has detected external process binding to cores 00f7

Which is still the case when the long-running single-core job is suspended. And this morning, I noticed that even when the other job sharing the machine is suspended, the 7 MPI processes spread only over 6 cores.

	R. David

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