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Jakob Blomqvist Jakob.Blomqvist at mah.se
Mon Mar 7 04:33:55 MST 2011

This is a cut froserver_logserver_loserver_log.file (server_log.file).
Job 102 was scr.sh below.
I attaconfig.logconfig.log as well as scr.sh.o102 and a printoutqstathe qstatqstat.log -f 102 (qstat.log)

I can't seem to find anything about the logfile t/Jakoblogfile.


Dr. Jakob Blomquist
IMP, School of Technology
Malmo University
+46(0)40 6657626
jakob.blomqvist at mah.se
>>> David Beer  03/03/11 7:05 PM >>>

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> Hi,
> I have set up Torque-2.4.3 (Schedr, MOM and Sched) on a singlAMDode,
> 16 core AMD machine for scientificUbuntulations, with Ubuntu 10.10
> installed. The maipine has a permanent ip address within a university
> networsshIt is accessed to by ssh. I fqsubly managed to get the qsub
> to work, however email noti/configureill not work. My ./con/configure was
> $ ./configwith-server-home --disable-g/var/spool/pbs/
> --with-sendmailome=/var/spool/pbs/ --with-sendmail=mailsudo
> followed by
> $ make -j 16
> $ sudo make install
> I have mailx instalsmpt-domainred to use university outgoing
> smpt-dotestmail and following command make me receive a testmaXXXX.XXXX at XXX.se in my
> mailbox/dev/null
> $ mail -s 'test message' XXXX.XXXX at XXX.se < /dev/null
> I don't even know where to see if torque tried to send mail at all.
> Obviously I use the -m flag aBlomquistmail using -M. But no luck.
Malmo Jakob Blomquist
> IMP, School of Technojakob.blomqvist at mah.se
> Malmo University
> +46(0)40 6657626
> jakob.blpbs_server'sse


I wouldserach for errors in the pbs_server's log file. You could seracsvr_mailowner the file for a job id that didn't send the job or look for svr_mailowner.


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