[torqueusers] Maui having issue with reservation of nodes

akshar bhosale akshar.bhosale at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 13:35:19 MDT 2011


   We have maui 3.2.6p20 and pbs 2.4.8 running on rhel 5.2 cluster nodes. We
have standing reservation on 4 of out of 16 nodes for one user in our
cluster for 4 hours in morning and 4 hours in evening using SRCFG and
hostlist in maui.cfg.

Now when we are reserving nodes for other user using command as below (i.e.
reserve 6 nodes having 8 procs each), we find that
"setres -n <res name> -u <user name> -r PROCS=8 -s 19:25:00_07/27/2011 -d
00:01:00:00 TASKS==48" reserves the nodes which are having standing
reservation inspite of other nodes not reserved. Seems like setres is not
able to see the standing reservation.

How to overcome this issue? Can standing reservation nodes be excluded from
the visible nodes to maui? How to make setres command not to give reserved
nodes from standing reservation as it is already reserved.
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