[torqueusers] qsub patch for job script arguments.

Daniel Coimbra danielfcoimbra at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 13:00:32 MDT 2011

I believe a reasonable alternative would be to be able to repeat the
option for every argument, as follows:
qsub -F arg1 -F arg2 -N test -F arg3 run.sh -F arg4

In this way, each occurrence could be considered a separate argument as if:
run.sh "arg1" "arg2" "arg3" "arg4"

This would facilitate a lot in scripting. Just a users suggestion.

2011/8/29 Ken Nielson <knielson at adaptivecomputing.com>:
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>> Subject: [torqueusers] qsub patch for job script arguments.
>> I just discovered the -F option implemented in v3.0.2 and thought it
>> was a
>> very nice idea.  Soon I discovered the awkwardness imposed by the
>> need for
>> quotes around the argument.  In my experience it is very hard to
>> explain to
>> users the difference between single and double quotes and so on.
>>  Maybe a
>> better way to solve this is to make everything between a "--" flag
>> and end of
>> line become job script arguments.  This is the way getopt suggests to
>> do these
>> kind of things.
>> Attached is a patch that implements the idea above.
>> qsub run.sh -- arg1 arg2
>> will start
>> run.sh arg1 arg2
>> The equivalent would be
>> qsub -F"arg1 arg2" run.sh
>> but no need for quotes.
>>  Anyway, just a suggestion.
>> Regards,
>> r.
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> Roy,
> Thanks for the patch.
> I think the -F option will cause some confusion for everyone at first because it is a different syntax than what people are used to. The way Maui and Moab interpret the command line is also a factor in this. Both programs would need to know the -F meant everything else following are arguments.
> Even so I am open to better practices. What does everyone else think.
> Regards
> Ken
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