[torqueusers] Force a job to rerun after mom has crashed

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Aug 24 10:06:11 MDT 2011

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> Subject: Re: [torqueusers] Force a job to rerun after mom has crashed
> > Is there any straightforward way to force a job to rerun on a
> > different node after its MOM has crashed?
> This is a PBS Pro feature not supported in Torque.
> But in Torque, when a node crashes, it doesn't really mean anything.
> Once the pbs_mom process is restarted, it will detect the jobs and
> reattach them.
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> Mgr. Simon Toth
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What Simon says is correct but there are other options. Read the man page for pbs_mom. Read options -p, -P, -q and -r. What the mom can do on a restart depends on why the mom went down and for how long. For instance if the mom crashes and restarts immediately the -p (default in 2.4 and later) is probably what you want. But if the failure is because of a system crash you may want the start the mom with the -q option which will requeue jobs so they can be rerun.



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