[torqueusers] Installing Torque on shared disk

William Nelson bnelson at arabidopsis.org
Fri Aug 12 13:07:06 MDT 2011

I'm new to Torque and have just been given the responsibility to support an
existing cluster that uses Torque.
This cluster has Torque installed on a shared disk with links from
/usr/local to the shared TORQUE_HOME on the master and the nodes.
Torque isn't used very often here because the users say that it is flakey -
quits during production runs.
My simple test runs have shown it to be working fine though so I want to
confirm that the installation is okay before I go deeper.
Since the installation procedure that I have says to install Torque on each
individual node I'm concerned that there could be concurrency issues when
Torque is accessing shared resource files. Should I be concerned?

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