[torqueusers] Significant torque update for EPEL4, 5 and 6.

Steve Traylen steve.traylen at cern.ch
Tue Aug 9 16:32:25 MDT 2011


The version of torque in EPEL 4 and 5 is currently pretty
old at versions 2.3.13 and for various reason including requests
to me I want to update to the much newer 2.5.7 in EPEL4,5
and 6. (EPEL 6 is currently on 2.5.5)

To this end there are builds now in the epel testing repository.


Be sure to read the release notes on these links as they contain
some required actions to allow the upgrade to work.

I'd appreciate any extra testing if possible. Leave comment here
on the above links.

Many Thanks


Steve Traylen

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