[torqueusers] Limiting jobs array instances

Stuart Barkley stuartb at 4gh.net
Mon Sep 27 15:22:55 MDT 2010

Is there a way to allow users to limit the number of task instances
torque/Moab allows to run at one time?

We have users submitting array jobs with 1000+ tasks.  These can then
take over a major portion of the system and not allow other jobs to
run.  At an administrative level I know how to make Moab limit the
number of simultaneous jobs per user (USERCFG[DEFAULT] MAXJOB=1500),
but I would rather not set that lower at this time.  I think I can get
the current problem users to set a limit voluntarily (one user runs
into contention with disk past ~100 jobs so more tasks instances will
not help him).

I'm thinking there may be something simple in the qsub resources
request which can do this function, but I'll still learning the
subtleties of this.

SGE recently added the -tc option which takes a limit for the number
of simultaneous tasks which will be run.

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