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Renato Borges renato.callado.borges at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 15:21:36 MDT 2010


I'm sorry, I meant to post the message below here, but posted on maui-users.
Sorry for multiple copies.

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Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 2:43 PM
Subject: qsub doesn't send email notifications
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I'm sorry I have not properly lurked before posting to this list, but I need
to fix this problem at work, and asap. I apologise in advance if I am asking
a dumb question, too.

I have tried finding information about how to properly configure maui to
send email notifications, but all I found useful was a clusterresources page
that described that while compiling torque, the "--with-sendmail" should
point to the right place, or the configure script should find sendmail, for
mail to work at all.

I'm sorry I did not bookmark the page, and can't find it again. But it also
said one should "set server mail_domain=XXX" where XXX is one's domain.

I have tried the "set server mail_domain=XXX" line, with no luck. I have
checked the worker node where the job was run, and there is nothing in its
/var/log/maillog. No mail sending was attempted. I checked the pbs server
maillog, also no clues, checked the node where I submitted the job  (with
"qsub -m e -M myEmail at gmail.com script") and also nothing on its
/var/log/maillog, after a very short job was completed.

On all these machines, I can send mail using "mail myEmail at gmail.com" and
filling in the blanks.

I am not 100% sure, but my best guess is that I cannot compile my own
torque/maui, because LCG (the grid our cluster is a part of) provides its
own .repo for the torque we are to use on grid clusters - so I guess the
middleware expects specific versions/compiles for torque/maui.

I again apologize, and thank you in advance!

Renato Callado Borges
Lab Specialist - DFN/IF/USP
Email: rborges at dfn.ifusp.br
Phone: +55 11 3091 7105
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