[torqueusers] vielen dank und gleich die nächste frage

Sebastian Hübner seb.ffo at gmx.de
Fri Oct 29 11:36:51 MDT 2010


at first thank you very much for the fast reply, i finaly got the system running. thanks a lot.
when we were beta-testing the setup we recognized another issue with our system.
the batch is supposed to run multiple gaussians on multiple nodes, but when starting it with torque it'll be executed but killed by ther kernel:

Oct 29 20:07:26 cray kernel: g09[24365] general protection ip:434ab2 sp:7fff83a93430 error:0 in g09[400000+3f000]

hmm segfault i guess, but exactly this programm runs on the node without complains if invoked by a normal user. the obove output was generated by an input file which is known to work. gaussian creates outputfile and checkpoint file as well, but is almost instantly terminated. i tried a lot with basic queue settings and different inputs and so forth.
i tried a compiling job - woked fine. i tried with --disable-posixmemlock als well (who knows can be anything). is this issue or a similar one probably known to somebody?

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