[torqueusers] procs with torque 2.5.XX and maui

Nicolas Niclausse Nicolas.Niclausse at inria.fr
Thu Oct 21 04:51:48 MDT 2010

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au ecrivait le 21/10/2010 12:14:
>> OK, i did some tests with maui and torque_scheduler.
>> my queue is configured with resources_default.nodes=1
> Hi Nicolas,
> I'd unset resources_default.nodes for the queue (or set up another queue
> if you want to avoid any chance of disruption) and test again.  We used
> to also set resources_default.nodes=1 but stopped some time ago with no
> adverse effect - unless you're worried about 'qstat -a' not reporting
> nodes or tasks for serial jobs.  We might have had to do a minor rework
> of our custom accounting summaries, but you might need to do that anyway
> if you start to use 'procs'.

Well, i wasn't using this at the beginning, but without
"resources_default.nodes=1" a qsub with only procs specified (qsub -l
procs=XX script) never gets started (it stays queued forever). And when i
try qrun on the job, it says: qrun: Unknown node-attribute ...

The other results are unchanged.

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