[torqueusers] procs with torque 2.5.XX and maui

Nicolas Niclausse Nicolas.Niclausse at inria.fr
Wed Oct 20 06:38:05 MDT 2010


I'm currently testing the new 2.5.X release (2.5.3-snap.201010140929); i'm
interested in the new support for -l procs

The release notes says:
With TORQUE 2.5.0 the 'procs' keyword is now interpreted to mean allocate a
designated number of processors on any combination of nodes.

But when i'm trying this: "qsub -l procs=3 ..." on a 2 nodes cluster
(np=2)), it doesn't work  (i got only one procs and not 2+1); i'm using

Am i missing something ?

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