[torqueusers] preemption PBS

delphine.ramalingom at univ-reunion.fr delphine.ramalingom at univ-reunion.fr
Wed Oct 20 04:51:47 MDT 2010


I have difficulty with the rule of preemption under Pbs Pro 10.0

A job A parallel is in a state Running and runs on several nodes.
A job B with higher priority is submit and preempt the job A. This last
one changes to status Suspend but:
- Only on 1 node, it does not turn any more effectively (0 % CPU with the
top command(order))
- On other nodes where it was allocated, it runs in the same time as the
processes of the job B with a lower priority.

Do any of you use the preemption under PBS?
Did you notice this kind of problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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