[torqueusers] Problem with ppn and routing

J.A. Magallón jamagallon at ono.com
Tue Nov 30 18:28:35 MST 2010

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:44:08 -0700 (MST), David Beer <dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com> wrote:

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> > > set queue fast resources_max.nodes = 2:ppn=2
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> > > set queue batch resources_max.nodes = 1:ppn=1
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> > My understanding is that torque can/will only do useful comparisons on
> > numeric fields so the above settings are not meaningful. You might be
> > OK with resources_max.nodect (though that might not be numeric either)
> > but could only filter on the number of nodes not the number of
> > processes requested (and you would need a default nodes=1 which I
> > would prefer not to set so we can use procs as an option...). I don't
> > think this solves your problem but might point you (or others) in the
> > right direction.
> > 
> > -- Gareth
> At some point (I believe 2.5) we added the ability to use resources_max.nodes in queue limitations, but it only sorts based on the number of nodes, not ppn. We couldn't sort based on ppn because of the inherent ambiguities - which is larger, nodes=1:ppn=2 or nodes=2:ppn=1 - so we only sort based on the first number there. This means that a job requesting nodes=1:ppn=2 will be accepted by the batch queue.
> Additionally, if you would like to have jobs that request nodes=2:ppn=2 and need more walltime than allowed by the fast queue, you will have to create a new queue or modify the limits for fast.

OK, thanks. My idea was that a job would fit into a queue if it passed
all conditions, nodes and ppn and walltime ....

What do you mean with sorting ? What do you sort ?
You could go probing if a job fits (wrt to ppn and nodes) in a queue until
you find a good one.

My problem is I dont depend on wall/cpu time, but I want to do something like:
- If you ask many cores per node, you can only get X nodes and your time is
  lmited to *:*:* (go to queue fast)
- if you ask single core processes, you can get more nodes and live longer
  (go to queue batch)

How could I do that ? I use pbs_sched, no MAUI/MOAB...  

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