[torqueusers] strange behaviour of ppn

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 10:20:12 MST 2010

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 6:27 PM, Christopher Samuel
<samuel at unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
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> On 27/11/10 03:21, Govind wrote:
>> I  have figured out that  maui allocating correct number
>> of processors but torque does not.
>> I am using torque 2.3.6 and maui 3.2.6p21
> Very weird - your diagnosis looks right.
> You are running a very old version of Torque though, the
> last release of 2.3 was 2.3.13.  It would be well worth
> upgrading to that to see if the issue has been fixed in
> a later release.
> I'd also note that 2.3 is no longer supported, the current
> bug-fix only branch is 2.4.

I've seen other people with this problem in the past (incorrect
contents in PBS_NODEFILE), and two things were always consistent:
they are using Maui, and have resources_available.nodect set. I don't
use Maui though, and I'm not really sure if this is a coincidence, or
somewhere along the line a bug was introduced in TORQUE or Maui that
shows up with resources_available.nodect set.   Can you try a test
without resources_available.nodect set?

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