[torqueusers] memory resource parameters and routing

Jeff Anderson-Lee jonah at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 23 15:00:45 MST 2010

I'm trying to set up a routing queue that will direct jobs based on both 
ncpus and memory usage.   Howevere memory seems to be somwhat constrained.


Section 2.1.2 indicates that you can specify memory requirements by any 
of mem, pmem, pvmem or vmem.


Section 4.1.1 suggests that queues can restrict access based on mem or 
pvmem (but not pmem or vmem) and that mem is ignored if ncpus>1 under Linux.

So does that mean that the only effective way to specify memory 
requirements on Linux is by pvmem if you wish to route to different 
queues based on job size?

Jeff Anderson-Lee

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