[torqueusers] HPC Monitoring Google Group

Steve Crusan scrusan at ur.rochester.edu
Thu Nov 18 09:29:18 MST 2010

On 11/18/10 9:11 AM, "Stuart Barkley" <stuartb at 4gh.net> wrote:

> Is it just me or does anyone else find it disturbing that you seem to
> need a Google account for these sites?  I don't have or want a Google
> account.
> The promise of what is there sounds interesting.  However, I would
> rather see the information published openly and in a place which will
> return the collected information intact back to the community.
> Stuart Barkley
> Paranoid Curmudgeon

I think there are work arounds, but it's tough to say if they work. I think
you can post to the list with a -subscribe uremail at domain.com or something
like that to register w/o a gmail account.

I'll try to test it...

Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing
University of Rochester

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