[torqueusers] RPMs for current version of Torque

Davis, Spencer psdavis at bsu.edu
Mon Nov 1 09:03:51 MDT 2010

There is an option in the makefile to build rpms. Run the config script then make rpm I believe.

P Spencer Davis
Bewulf Cluster Systems Administrator

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Subject: [torqueusers] RPMs for current version of Torque

We  have been using Torque 2.1.8 on a cluster we have now for quite some time and I was considering updating it.  We are presently using a CentOS 5.4 OS  and everything has basically been installed via RPM packages. Since the current version of Torque appears to be 2.5.2 I’ve been trying to find RPMs for a newer version that what we have  but haven’t had any luck. I could download the source and compile but then would need to compile/install on each node. Is anyone aware where some RPMs of newer versions may be available?

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