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Tue Mar 30 08:07:00 MDT 2010

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Charles Johnson <
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> About the nodes file ... I have always been under the impression that
> the nodes file gives an ordering to nodes selected for jobs, i.e.,
> nodes at the top of the list are considered before nodes at the
> bottom. We are currently in a down time for refreshing hardware, and
> the whole cluster is quiescent. As a test of hardware we submitted a
> single job suitable for any one of several hundred nodes at the top of
> the nodes file. The job ran on a node roughly halfway down the nodes
> file. Again, there were no other jobs on the cluster.
> I am curious as to why? Any ideas?
> We are using torque 2.4.5 and moab 5.3.6

This is really a Moab question since Moab selects the node that the job will
run on, it has nothing to do with the order of the nodes in the TORQUE node
file. I think the default for Moab might be "last fit", so as it scans the
available nodes it will select the last one it finds that satisfies the
requirements for the job.  There is a "first fit" and "best fit" option if I
remember correctly.

With the fifo scheduler, then yes, I think the job would run on the first
available node in the node list.
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