[torqueusers] another problem with new torque version

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Mar 26 18:04:13 MDT 2010


These messages are not necessarily a sign that the system is no communicating. The server often puts these in the log when it is booting because the mom is not up yet.

Disabling rpp only effects the way momctl works. rpp cannot be completely shut down.

Are you not getting any MOMs connected to your server?

Ken Nielson

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We have installed the 2.4.6 version but we aren't very lucky! 

Does anyone have an idea ? 

6/2010 17:45:59;0040;PBS_Server;Req;do_rpp;corrupt rpp request received on stream 0 (node: "nr1sid1h.cofidis-fr.infra.net", 172. 

29.14.20:15003) - invalid protocol - rc=7 (Premature end of message) 

03/26/2010 17:45:59;0001;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;LOG_ERROR::stream_eof, connection to nr1sid1h.cofidis-fr.infra.net is bad, remote 

service may be down, message may be corrupt, or connection may have been dropped remotely (Premature end of message). setting node 

state to down 

we have disable the rpp on the configure process 

Does anyone have an idea ? 

thanks for a n answer 


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