[torqueusers] Fluent Job submission

I.Kureshi U0850037 U0850037 at hud.ac.uk
Thu Mar 11 03:30:03 MST 2010

Hi all,

I am a system admin at a UK university and we got a request to provide an HPC resource for fluent.

After installing Fluent on one of Our Cluster which is running CENTOS5.4 with OSCAR5.1b2 and is of the architecture nodes=16 plus a head node we were successfully able to start fluent via the terminal and submit parallel jobs through the shell with a journal file and the -g switch. The University has 45 licenses for Fluent 6.3.26 and 30 licenses for an older version 6.0/2?? (not sure which). These licenses reside on a windows server with flexlm running on it. We have floating licenses for many softwares on that machine.

When I try to submit a job through the job scheduler Torque/MAUI the simulations do not run as there is a license problem, even though it seems to be looking in the right place.

I have posted this on a FLUENT based forum as well but I thought since it seems to be  case of the environment variables created by TORQUE users here might be better help.

I would appreciate any help regarding this. Below are the submission script, the journal file, the output file and the error file respectively.

The job was submitted using qsub fluent.job
Submission Script
#PBS -S /bin/bash
#PBS -m e
#PBS -M sengik at hud.ac.uk
#PBS -N fluent
#PBS -l nodes=3
#PBS -e stderr
#PBS -o stdout
fluent 2d -g -ssh -t3 -i /home/sengik/Desktop/test/input.in
Journal File
file/read-case /home/sengik/Desktop/test/2dcar_10.cas
file/write-data /home/sengik/Desktop/test/2dcar_10.dat
#as you can see just a simple case of load initialise save and exit

Output File

/usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/bin/fluent -r6.3.26 2d -g -ssh -t3 -i /home/sengik/Desktop/test/input.in
Loading "/usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/lib/fluent.dmp.114-32"
/usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/bin/fluent -r6.3.26 2d -pethernet -host -alnx86 -t3 -mpi=hp -path/usr/Fluent.Inc -ssh -cx node16.testbed-CLS:56711:56126

Server node is down or not responding
See the system adminstrator about starting the server, or
make sure the you're referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE)
Feature: fluent
Hostname: mech1
License path: 7241 at mech1:/usr/Fluent.Inc/license/lnx86/../license.dat
FLEXlm error: -96,7. System Error: 11 "Resource temporarily unavailable"
For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual,
available at "www.macrovision.com".

Error File
/usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/bin/fluent: line 2397: glxinfo: command not found
/usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/cortex/lnx86/cortex.3.7.3 -f fluent -g -i /home/sengik/Desktop/test/input.in (fluent "2d -pethernet -host -alnx86 -r6.3.26 -t3 -mpi=hp -path/usr/Fluent.Inc -ssh")
Starting /usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/lnx86/2d_host/fluent.6.3.26 host -cx node16.testbed-CLS:56711:56126 "(list (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/function) "fluent 2d -node -alnx86 -r6.3.26 -t3 -pethernet -mpi=hp -ssh") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/rhost) "") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/ruser) "") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/nprocs_string) "3") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/auto-spawn?) #t) (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/trace-level) 0) (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/remote-shell) 1) (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/path) "/usr/Fluent.Inc") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/hostsfile) "") )"

Welcome to Fluent 6.3.26

Copyright 2006 Fluent Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Loading "/usr/Fluent.Inc/fluent6.3.26/lib/flprim.dmp.1119-32"

Unexpected license problem; exiting.


The simple line:
fluent 2d -g -ssh -t3 -cnf=<hostfile> -i /home/sengik/Desktop/test/input.in
works perfectly fine.

EDIT: TORQUE allocates the nodes correctly and is working fine. the simulation just ends when the license error occurs.

Thanks in advance for the help

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