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Christopher Samuel samuel at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Jun 20 18:13:36 MDT 2010

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On 17/06/10 02:26, Aaron Sims wrote:

> Is it *really* required to have all compute nodes be
> able to log in to all other compute nodes in order to
> run jobs on nodes that do not use  the head node as
> part of their job? 

It depends..

If you use something like OpenMPI which can be compiled
against Torque, or have an MPI stack which can't but is
supported by the OSC mpiexec replacement then the launcher
will talk to the pbs_mom's directly using the TM interface
and launch the MPI processes for you.

This has the added advantage that you can use cpusets with
your MPI jobs.

To be certain then you'll need to make sure that your users
home directories are shared across the cluster and then set
the $usecp pbs_mom directive in its config file to stop the
pbs_mom from trying to scp the output and error files back.

Best of luck!
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