[torqueusers] qsub on several nodes

Felix Werner ff.werner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 10:08:54 MDT 2010

Dear all,

Suppose I want to run a job on 40 CPUs (with MPI),
and there are
10 CPUs available on the node "node1"
10 on "node2"
20 on "node3".

What I do is:

qsub -l nodes=node1:ppn=10+node2:ppn=10+node3:ppn=20 shell_name.sh

This is tedious because I need to look manually how many CPUs are available
on which node.

So is there a way to just tell the queing system "I want to run on 40 CPUs,
on whatever nodes"?

Many thanks!

Felix Werner
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