[torqueusers] Timestamps in account logs

David Beer dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Jul 30 09:46:35 MDT 2010

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> On 29/07/10 06:16, David Chin wrote:
> > What I'm saying is, I'd like to make this a feature request
> > for a future version of Torque: That all logging timestamps
> > be in UTC.
> That's going to break a lot of tools..
> I'd suggest that if this does get done the way to do it is
> to have it controlled by a configuration switch which defaults
> to "legacy" and a site can decide to override it to select an
> alternative of ISO local time or ISO UTC instead (for example).
> I would really *not* want UTC here, I need local time.

If this were done, it would *have* to be something only turned on in a certain configuration.

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