[torqueusers] Torque 2.5.2-snapshot - Cygwin Version

Felix Wolfheimer f.wolfheimer at online.de
Wed Jul 28 12:07:36 MDT 2010

Dear Yauheni,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the application is quite large
and, even more important, I don't have the source code available.
Therefore I will not be able to recompile it for Cygwin. As it looks now
I have to give up to use Torque on our Windows clusters. That's a pity
as it works really nice on the Linux cluster already. 

Anyway, thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

Felix Wolfheimer

Am Mittwoch, den 28.07.2010, 01:28 +0300 schrieb Yauheni Charniauski:
> Здравствуйте, Felix.
> Вы писали 27 июля 2010 г., 10:03:42:
> > Dear Igor,
> > I've just installed the Torque 2.5.2 -snapshot version from the
> > download page and tried to install and test it on my Windows XP x64
> > machine. Before installing the new software I did a "make uninstall"
> > on the old one. I followed exactly your documentation README.cygwin
> > and this time it worked without problems on my machine. I no longer
> > get the message I got before (that the shell could not be executed).
> > I did not need the LSA registry feature of Cygwin. A test job runs fine. Amazing :-)!
> > Now for another problem ;-): The main application which I would
> > like to run under the control of Torque is a GUI application, i.e.,
> > it will open a graphical user interface and there is no way to
> > prevent this. If it is running on Linux it just opens its GUI on the
> > virtual X server (Xvfb). However, as this mechanism does not exist
> > on Windows the program just gets stuck (I guess it gets stuck in the
> > moment where it tries to open its GUI). I know that, e.g., the LSF
> > resource management system is able to use the Microsoft Terminal
> > Services for this type of applications. You can then even connect to
> > the session your job is running in via the RDP client (tspeek
> > command) and see the GUI of your program which is quite convenient
> > for a user as he can directly see the progress of his job. The
> > following link points to the website where the LSF guys explain how
> > to set this up with LSF:
> > http://ams.cern.ch/AMS/7/lsf_windows_using/msts.html
> > Do you see any chance that something similar is possible with
> > Torque? Otherwise I'm getting stuck here as this application is more
> > or less the only one which should run under the DRM and I'm not an
> > expert (yet) in Windows Terminal Services. However, if you see any
> > chance to get this working I'm willing to invest some time to become
> > an expert in the Terminal Services thing ;-).
> > Thanks for your help!
> > Best regards
> > Felix Wolfheimer
> Hello Felix Wolfheimer
> At the current moment RDP protocol is not supported by Torque. if you want to release it you need to do much work.
> We are not planning do this job for future.
> You can try to build and to run your application under Windows using X-Server http://x.cygwin.com/ as well as under Linux.
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> Yauheni Charniauski
> United Institute of Information Problems NAS of Belarus
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