[torqueusers] TORQUE 2.5.1 available

Ken Nielson knielson at adaptivecomputing.com
Tue Jul 27 10:49:10 MDT 2010

> Is this actually an official/stable release?  If not, what is the latest
> stable release?
> -- Regards,
> Franky
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The convention that has unofficially been agreed to is that the "stable" 
branch will be the version previous to the latest. Currently the most 
recent 2.4 versions will be considered "stable" versions because they 
have been in production use for quite some time plus we will allow only 
bug fixes to the 2.4-fixes branch going forward. We do make exceptions 
for small enhancements on a case by case basis.

The latest branch is the 2.5 release which is currently at 2.5.1 with a 
2.5.2 waiting to be released. The 2.5 branch has some new features such 
as job arrays which are not backwards compatible with job arrays from 
the 2.4 and 2.3 releases plus other enhancements and features which are 
not found in earlier releases. Because these have not been in general 
production the 2.5 branch is not considered as stable as the 2.4 branch.


Ken Nielson
Adaptive Computing

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