[torqueusers] slot ALERTs in moab after installation of Torque 2.5.1

torqueusers at calcua.ua.ac.be torqueusers at calcua.ua.ac.be
Fri Jul 23 04:50:35 MDT 2010


After the installation of Torque 2.5.1, I get the following messages
when checking a compute node with 'checknode' from the Moab suite:

   Reservations:  ---
   ALERT:  node is in state Idle but total class slots available do not
   match total class slots configured (24 != 32)
   ALERT:  node is in state Idle but class qxlong slot availability does
   not match configured limits (0 != 8)

What is this about?  And how can I get rid of it?

-- Franky

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