[torqueusers] 2.5 (beta) array job issue (filenames)

Stuart Barkley stuartb at 4gh.net
Wed Jul 21 14:05:40 MDT 2010

I'm seeing a problem with the 2.5 beta version and array jobs.  This
probably applies to the released 2.5.0 version, I don't see anything
in the diffs related to this problem.

Various file names for array jobs have the array instance number
inside square brackets.  This create problems for certain user shell
configurations which interpret this as a pattern match instead of just
using the filename.

For a user with tcsh as the default shell there are two problems:

- The startup command fails to find the source script.  This can be
overcome by using the -S option to use bash instead.

- The scp copy of the output file back to the users system also fails
for apparently a similar reason.  Using qsub -S does not seem to work
around this problem.

For a bash user this problem occurs if they have the failglob option
set in their .bashrc.


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