[torqueusers] pbs_server log error

Guillaume Fuhr guillaume.fuhr at univ-provence.fr
Fri Jul 16 10:20:26 MDT 2010



I'm actually installing a cluster with torque 2.4.8. I used also maui as job
scheduler. O.s. is debian stable.

I actually test my configuration with only 1 node, running debian stable

If I try to submit jobs, everything works perfectly.however when I checks my
logs, my server_log file  is polluted with this message :


master0 PBS_Server: LOG_ERROR::is_request, bad attempt to connect from (address not trusted - check entry in


master is the frontal and the ip from is its own ip address.

I checked the name resolution with nslookup on both frontal and noode and
everything seems ok


Concerning the torque configuration files :

For the node :

[Server_name ]




$pbsserver master0

$logevent 0x1ff



For the frontal :

[Server_name ]




Node0 np=4


Thanks by advance,

Guillaume F.


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