[torqueusers] Torque 2.5.0 beta on Cygwin

Igor Ilyenko valexa at newman.bas-net.by
Mon Jul 12 11:48:29 MDT 2010

Hi Felix!

Thanks for yourpersistent  mastering of Torque on Cygwin.

You have described very unique situation.

I have some questions what to help you to solve your problems.

> I found out that you need to edit the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files 
> manually to assign the Administrator account to the correct primary 
> group ("Administrators", 544) as this is not done automatically. Maybe 
> this could be included in the README.cygwin. It took me quite a while 
> to find this out. Otherwise the account "Administrator" was not able 
> to start the services (Message was: "Must be started by user with 
> Administrator priviledges" or something similar). The relevant part of 
> my /etc/passwd now looks like SYSTEM:*:18:544:,S-1-5-18:: 
> LocalService:*:19:544:U-NT AUTHORITY\LocalService,S-1-5-19:: 
> NetworkService:*:20:544:U-NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService,S-1-5-20:: 
> Administrators:*:544:544:,S-1-5-32-544:: 
> Administrator:unused:500:544:U-LIVINGSTONE\Administrator,S-1-5-21-180349294-2701364224-4190585567-500:/home/Administrator:/bin/bash 
> <my_account>:unused:17690:545:<my_name>,<U-DOMAIN>\<my_account>,S-1-5-21-56627864-598502587-623647154-7690:/home/<my_account>:/bin/bash 
> where "<my_account>" is the name of my user account. The relevant part 
> of my /etc/group looks like SYSTEM:S-1-5-18:18: 
> Administrators:S-1-5-32-544:544:Administrator 
> Users:S-1-5-32-545:545:<my_account> 

  What version (trunk revision) Torque do you use?

You have described a situation till trunk revision 3675.
Really Cygwin 1.7as distinctfrom Cygwin 1.5 does not support the mkgroup.exe -u option.

And you have defined a handwork of its replacement.

The http://www.clusterresources.com/downloads/torque/snapshots/torque-2.5-beta_0.20100702.tar.gz version is alreadywithout  these lacks.

Certainly Cygwin very often uses group 'None' (513), it can be inconvenient.

But Torque works with it, and in domain it already is called better: 
'Domain Users' (10513).

> All Torque services start without any problem. However, as soon as I 
> submit a job using my normal user account on the machine the job ends 
> immediately and in the stdout and stderr files is only one line saying 
> "shell "/bin/bash" is not executable by user "FelixWolfheimer"" 
> (stdout) and "PBS: exec of shell '/bin/bash' failed" (stderr), which 
> is very strange as I can use the bash shell as this user. I guess this 
> has something to do with user permissions but after hours trying to 
> figure out what is happening I'm quite clueless now. 

These messages say that the Torque<UserAdmin>  cannot start a shell from the<SimpleUser>.

Our team didn't have similar situations on Windows XP (32/64).
It happened  only on Windows 7:
  - pbs_mom runs as Cygwin 1.7 daemon (unworking variant yet);
  - pbs_mom runs as Cygwin 1.7 service via the LSA private registry area and<UserAdmin>  doesn't have the SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege.

What is the full name (from right-click My Computers ->  Propeties ->  Computer name) of your Windows XP x64?

If possible you can try at first:
  1) run pbs_mom as daemon;
  2) add new privilege
     #editrights.exe -a SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege -u<UserAdmin>
     and restart pbs_mom by all means;
  3) use the LSA private registry area (see attached new README.cygwin);
  4) use Cygwin 1.5.25 (it is a recommended variant for Windows XP).


Igor  Ilyenko

Software Architect

United Institute of Information Problems NAS of Belarus

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