[torqueusers] how is the torque renewal scripts supposed to work?

Alex Rolfe arolfe at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 12 09:13:03 MDT 2010

Andreas Davour <davour at pdc.kth.se> writes:

> So that means that maui doesn't talk to the moms, just to the pbs_server, 
> which then talks to the moms?

Correct.  Roughly, pbs_server dumps job and node information to maui and
maui gives back the prioritized jobs (or job -> node mappings, I'm not
sure.  Someone else can give a much better explanation of this.  The
important bit is that the scheduler is separated out from the rest of
the system to make it easy to implement).  The server then asks the moms
to run the appropriate jobs.


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