[torqueusers] how is the torque renewal scripts supposed to work?

Alex Rolfe arolfe at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 12 08:43:37 MDT 2010

Andreas Davour <davour at pdc.kth.se> writes:

> On Monday, July 12, 2010 16:06:33 Alex Rolfe wrote:
>> Andreas Davour <davour at pdc.kth.se> writes:
>> > That was more than I manage to digest in one go.
>> > 
>> > Let me see if I got this right.
>> > 
>> > The pbs_server and the pbs_mom need to be started with credentials. This
>> > means I have to start them both (for the mom on every node) with this
>> > invocation?
>> > 
>> > $KINIT  -k -t $KEYTAB  $PRINCIPAL pbs_server|pbs_mom
>> > 
>> > and then do the same for maui and make sure they all are started in an
>> > environment where KRB5CCNAME point to the same cache, or at least a cache
>> > containing the same tickets?
>> No, the server and the moms do not need to be started with valid
>> tickets; they'll get tickets as needed as long as your kerberos
>> configuration is setup such that a call to gss_acquire_cred() works (see
>> pbsgss_server_acquire_creds in src/lib/Libifl/pbsgss.c; I think this is
>> the equivalent to "kinit -k" from the command line).
> Good, that means I got it right the first time.  
> But maui, that needs to be started with valid tickets, like "kinit -k"?

No, the gssapi code doesn't make any changes to the communication
between maui and the pbs_server.  One *could* do that (in the same way
that one could add gssapi authentication to all communication between
the server and the mom), but it's not been done in the current code.


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