[torqueusers] Flexlm and job submissions

Steve Crusan scrusan at ur.rochester.edu
Fri Jul 9 10:24:26 MDT 2010

Greetings all,

    We have a number of pieces of software that use the flexlm licensing
daemons (matlab, etc). While those are all working properly, we run into
problems where if a user will submit a job, it will wait in the queue, and
then when it¹s ready to run, if all of the licenses for a particular product
or toolbox are being used, the job fails.

    Is there a good way to get around this, meaning to somehow query the
license manager (lmstat ­a or lmstat ­f product_name), and then requeue the
job using a prologue script or something?


Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing
University of Rochester

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