[torqueusers] a question about $usecp

Andreas Davour davour at pdc.kth.se
Thu Jul 8 12:33:57 MDT 2010

On Thursday 08 July 2010 19:48:47 Joshua Bernstein wrote:
> Hell Andreas,
> $usecp needs to be enabled when you have your current working directory
> (CWD) or really the directory you qsub'd from NFS (or AFS etc) mounted
> on the compute nodes. Otherwise the compute nodes attempt to SCP (or in
> builds without --with-scp, RCP) the .o and .e files.
> For example, on basic clusters /home is NFS mounted on the compute nodes
> as well as the submission nodes. So I need a line in mom_priv/config
> that tells pbs_mom to simply "use cp" rather then rcp/scp
> $usercp	*:/home /home
> If I then qsub a job out of /home/jbernstein, the output files get
> copied using 'cp'.
> If your jobs aren't even starting, then *.o and *.e files aren't being
> created and there is another problem afoot.

Excellent explanation, Josh! Now I think I grasp it. Thanks.

Yeah, I seem to have another problem as well, since no *.o or *.e files show up 
neither on the server nor the worker node.

L. Andreas Davour
Systems Engineer
Stockholm, Sweden

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