[torqueusers] TORQUE 2.5 beta is here!

Glen Beane glen.beane at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 07:45:11 MDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 6:50 PM, Stuart Barkley <stuartb at 4gh.net> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Jul 2010 at 12:51 -0000, David Beer wrote:
>> We're pleased to announce that TORQUE 2.5 beta is ready for testing.
> I've done a little testing of this today on our system.  I note a
> couple of issues:
> - There where about 30K instances of a 75K member job array still
> queued when I did the upgrade.  The pbs_server startup took 40 minutes
> attempting to convert the old .JB files and then Moab did not seem to
> see the array job at all.

since job arrays have changed so much you CAN NOT upgrade to 2.5.0
with any job arrays queued. There is no way to convert the old job
array structure to the new format.  I believe this was supposed to go
into the release nodes.

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